Phillies-Yankees in Spring Training

Well, Cole Hamels looked pretty good in his first start of the year. He let up one run in two innings, and I think part of the problem was the infielders (specifically the error by Valdez). I know the game doesn’t count, but it was exciting to see the players running around and playing baseball again. I was hoping to see Jimmy Rollins, and I was annoyed that he wasn’t playing because of his trip to the White House this week. I hope that this game is duplicated in the last game of the World Series (except with the real lineup this time). Go Phillies!


How Long Does It Take To Get To The Majors?

This pie graph depicts the number of days between signing and major league debut for the 2011 Phillies regulars.  The calculation does not include any days they spent back in the minors after their first game in the majors.  The days for Carlos Ruiz is approximated since I had trouble locating the exact day he signed.  I was surprised, as I am sure you will be, to find out who took the shortest time to make it to the majors.blahblah.png

2011 Predictions

Here are my predictions for the NL East standings:

Phillies W: 96 L: 66
Braves W: 87 L: 75
Nationals W: 83 L: 79
Marlins W: 83 L: 79
Mets W: 72 L: 90 
Playoff Predictions
NL East: Phillies
NL Central: Cards
NL West: Giants
NL Wild Card: Reds
NLDS Champions: Phillies over Reds, Giants over Cards
NLCS Champion: Phillies
AL East: Yankees
AL Central: Twins
AL West: Rangers
AL Wild Card: Red Sox
ALDS Champions: Yankees over Twins, Red Sox over Rangers
ALCS Champion: Red Sox
World Series: 
Drum roll, please……………
The Philadelphia Phillies are the 2011 World Series Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comparison of Phillies Height

Well, I spent over an hour making this lovely chart! It shows all the prominent Phillies players’ heights in comparison to each other. Enjoy!height.png

Today in Phillies History

Today , February 13, in Phillies history:

  • 1953 - The
    Philadelphia Athletics change the name of Shibe Park to Connie Mack
    Stadium in honor of their longtime owner and manager.
  • 1970- Kevin Stocker is born in Spokane, Washington. On July 7, 1993, he began his major
    league career with the Phillies. He was traded to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays
    in 1997 for Bobby Abreu. Was this a good trade by the Phillies? Today,
    Stocker lives with his wife Brooke and three children. He owns a smoothie
    shop called the Emerald City  Smoothie Shop in Washington State.

Is Jimmy Rollins the shortest NL MVP ever?

I was sitting around the house, talking about the Phils, and wondering if Jimmy Rollins was the shortest NL MVP, and if Ryan Howard was the tallest NL MVP. I did some research and discovered that Jimmy Rollins is actually the second shortest, beaten out only by Joe Morgan at 5’7″. Ryan Howard was also second, tied with Willie McCovey and Don Newcombe and one inch behind Dave Parker, who is 6’5″. 

What Positions Hold The Most MVP Awards?

I did some research, and compiled a pie chart of the MVP Awards (NL) by their position. You won’t be surprised to notice that the outfield has the most winners since there are three starting for every team. Surprising, though, is that pitchers have won the MVP award 9 times, although only two- Sandy Koufax 1963, Bob Gibson 1968- won after the Cy Young award was created in 1956.  Statistically, it would seem the likelihood is that the MVP award will go to an outfielder this year.  However, no outfielder has won in the NL since Barry Bonds in 2004, with the award being dominated by 1B (Pujols, Howard, and Votto, with Rollins sneaking in there). What do you predict for this year?

Here’s the pie chart.


Domonic Brown

I’m hoping that Charlie Manuel will let Domonic Brown play even though he doesn’t trust young players. I think Domonic will be a great addition to the Phillies team. He has power and speed. Greg Gross says he has fixed Domonic’s swing, so hopefully he’ll be back to the player he was in the minors. I think if he plays full-time he will get better, like Jayson Werth did. The Phillies need a young player among the older core player.

This is Domonic and J-Roll together on the bench



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